Viyana Üniversitesi Yeni Doktora Okulu

The University of Vienna has recently created a Doctoral School of Historical and Cultural Studies. ‘Ancient, Byzantine and Medieval Studies’ is one of seven research clusters in the Doctoral School (https://shcs.univie.ac.at/en/).

Applications are invited for one of the six doctoral fellowships (three years, fully funded) that are available for the Doctoral School, on a competitive basis. For further information about the Doctoral School, contact Professor Peter Becker (peter.becker@univie.ac.at). For further information about a doctorate in Byzantine Studies, contact Professor Christophe Erismann (christophe.erismann@univie.ac.at), Professor Andreas Müller (a.e.müller@univie.ac.at), Professor Claudia Rapp (c.rapp@univie.ac.at).