Uluslararası Sanat Okumaları Konferası 2019

5 - 6 Nisan 2019, Uluslararası Sanat Okumaları Konferası 2019, Desenler - Modeller - Çizimler, Sanat Çalışmaları Enstitüsü, Bulgaristan Bilim Akademisi, Sofya.



Institute of Art Studies,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

Patterns – Models – Drawings

Мотиви – Модели – Подготвителни рисунки

April 5 – 6, 2019

The suggested theme focuses research efforts on issues of working methods and practices of artists rather than on questions of politics and ideology in art. It's aspired to contribute to the growing discourse on these matters by bringing together an international group of about 25 scholars to renew the state of art by exploring the connection between model and image, between preparatory sketches and the final piece, between religious and secular art, between commission and realization of art work, between graphic art and painting, sculpture, etc.

Main topics of paper proposals could be:

- models as starting point for other images;
- model books;
- transfer patterns (anthivola);
- loose drawings;
- graffiti images and texts;
- woodcut and printing production as a source for artistic and iconographic decisions;
- Roman, Western, Byzantine models in arts from later periods, etc.

In addition, participants could explore artistic motifs used to symbolize certain ideas; varieties within overall iconographic patterns; origins of repeated patterns in ornaments. 

Scholars working on similar themes in non-art historical traditions are also encouraged to apply. 10 % of the participants will be young researchers, post-docs and PhD students. The working languages of the conference will be English and Bulgarian, but texts will be published in a separate volume in French and German as well. 

Funding for the conference has not been yet provided, but the organizers will apply for financial support in 2018. Perhaps limited hotel accommodations and some meals will be provided. Please send abstracts of 300-
500 words, including a brief CV, to moutafov1@gmail.com and margaritakj@gmail.com

International Organizing Committee (in alphabetical order)

Andrea Babuin
Emmanuel Moutafov
Konstantinos Giakoumis
Nenad Makulijevic
Vincent Debiais

Important Dates

1 September 2018: Deadline for abstract submissions;
15 October 2018: Notification of applicants on the outcome of their proposals;
1 March 2019: Deadline for finalizing the conference programme.