Konuşma: Dr. Milan Vukašinović

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Bizans Çalışmaları Araştırma Merkezi sizi GABAM-ANAMED Doktora Sonrası Araştırmacısı Dr. Milan Vukašinović'in konuşmasına davet etmekten mutluluk duyar. "Four Narrative Foundations of the Chilandar Monastery on Mount Athos" başlıklı konuşma 3 Aralık 2019, Salı günü, saat 17:00'da Bizans Çalışmaları Araştırma Merkezi'nde gerçekleştirilecektir.

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The first foundation of the Chilandar monastery on Mount Athos under the command of the Nemanjić family members is dated to the end of the 12th century. This long-lasting medieval institution is often represented as a focal point of politics, diplomacy, religion, spirituality, literary and visual culture of the medieval Serbian polity. It has rightfully been seen as a privileged place of contact between Byzantine and Serbian politics and culture. Greek and Slavonic texts of its charters, its typikon, as well as a series of saint’s lives, have all been used by historians as more or less faithful representations of the foundation and building of Chilandar. In the vein of spatial and the narrative turns, this presentation argues for the interpretation of these texts as narrative acts of spatial transformation. It sheds light on the diversity of ways a single historical event was storied and incorporated into four distinctive narratives. This approach can help us re-contextualize each of these texts and propose a reading of diverse strategies of mediating the space through textual narratives, in the particular moments when the function of that space was being altered.


Dr. Milan Vukašinović

Milan Vukašinović is a Byzantinist and a GABAM-ANAMED postdoctoral fellow at Koç University. He holds a shared PhD in history from the EHESS in Paris and the University of Belgrade. His main interests are narrative, space, and ideology in the thirteenth century. He participated in activities of the research network “Text and narrative in Byzantium” between Paris and Uppsala. He has written and published on medieval historiography, hagiography, narrative, political agency, spatiality and gender. He has an associate degree in library studies and cultural mediation.

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